Board of Commissioners Agenda for January 2015

12 S. 23rd St.
THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 2015 at 3 p.m.

A. Call to Order - Lynette M. Brown-Sow, Chair of the Board of Commissioners, The Philadelphia Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

B. Remarks - Lynette M. Brown-Sow, Chair of the Board of Commissioners and Kelvin A. Jeremiah, President & CEO

C. Approval of Minutes of the Board Meeting held December 18, 2014, as distributed.

D. New Business

  1. Resolution authorizing amendment of the contract with Sovereign Security, LLC to add funds for additional security

  2. Resolution authorizing contracts for small general contractor services for maintenance-related work with DKJ Construction, Inc.; W & W Contractors, Inc.; Vellniece construction, LLC; Holder Inc., T/A Donovan Electric Supply and Construction; Nesmith and Company, Inc.; Morgan Construction Management, LLC; and Townes Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

  3. Resolution authorizing settlement of litigation

  4. Resolution establishing a policy for the leasing of commercial spaces and authorizing the President & CEO to execute agreements, pursuant to the policy

E. Public Comment Period