Notice of MTW Public Hearing and Public Comment Period

The MTW Public Comment Period has been extended to Monday, October 7, 2013 at 12 noon.

The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) is a participant in the Moving to Work Demonstration Program (MTW).  PHA was initially selected to participate in the MTW Program in 2001.  In October 2008, PHA entered into an Amended and Restated Moving to Work Agreement ("MTW Agreement") with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development ("HUD"), which has subsequently been further amended.  The MTW Agreement defines the terms and conditions under which PHA is a participant in the MTW Program. The MTW Agreement requires that PHA submit an MTW Annual Plan for HUD review and approval. PHA's current MTW Annual Plan for MTW Year Thirteen (PHA Fiscal Year 2014) was approved by HUD on May 30, 2013.

PHA is seeking public review and comments on two proposed actions relative to the MTW Program:

  • Amendment to the MTW Agreement - The proposed amendment to the MTW Agreement will provide PHA with additional flexibility in utilizing Replacement Housing Factor funds received by PHA from HUD.
  • Amendment to the MTW Year Thirteen Annual Plan - The proposed amendment to the MTW Annual Plan will: 1) Establish that PHA may apply to convert one or more public housing sites under the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program and that PHA may utilize MTW Block Grant funds to support the conversion; and, 2) Allow PHA to establish a flexible subsidy program for newly developed or acquired public housing units, subject to HUD review and approval of each transaction.

Additional information regarding the proposed amendments is available from PHA. Copies are available for public review through the links above or may be picked up at the following locations:

Housing Choice Voucher Program Office:

  • 2850 Germantown Ave 1st & 2nd Floor              

Scattered Sites Management Offices:

  • 3417 Spring Garden Street
  • 1821 Vineyard Street
  • 3226 McMichael Street 
  • 3218 Susquehanna Avenue
  • 400 W. Huntingdon Street

Public Housing Management Offices:

  • Bartram - 5404 Gibson Drive
  • Wilson Park - 2500 Jackson Street
  • Raymond Rosen - 2110 N. 23rd Street
  • Blumberg - 2311 W. Jefferson Street

PHA residents, Housing Choice  Voucher participants and the general public may attend and provide comments at the Public Hearing described below and/or submit written comments on these proposed actions any time during the comment period. 

The Public Hearing is scheduled for the following time and location:

August 27, 2013 10 a.m. until noon, 1100 Poplar Street Philadelphia, PA 19123, Multipurpose Room

Only comments pertaining to the proposed actions noted above are being solicited.  The comment period begins on August 6, 2013 at 12 noon. The comment period is extended to Monday, October 7, 2013 at 12 noon. All comments must be received by the end of the comment period.   Please send your written comments to:  

Philadelphia Housing Authority
Office of Policy, Research and Enterprise Planning
Attention: MTW Comment
1606 Swain St Philadelphia, PA 19130

The Public Hearing is being held in an accessible location.  If you require assistance, sign language interpreter or other accommodations, please call 215-684-4000. Please use the AT&T Relay Service for TTY.