PHA Kids learn life lessons and Basketball Skills at Sixers Clinic

PHILADELPHIA, PA (April 3, 2004) - Fifty youngsters from the Philadelphia Housing Authority had fun and sharpened their basketball skills at a Saturday afternoon clinic sponsored by the Philadelphia 76ers Radio Network. The event took place at the West Philly YMCA with basketball legend Sonny Hill and former Sixer World B. Free directing activities. In addition to the basketball training, each participant was given a pair of tickets to an upcoming Sixers game. Hill told the kids that the clinic was about much more than basketball. "Use basketball as a vehicle to achieve success in your academic life," he said. Free echoed those sentiments, saying that he owed everything he had in his life to basketball, which is why he now devotes his life to giving back to the community.

PHA executive director Carl Greene commented that he was extremely pleased to be able to work with the Sixers to provide the kind of community activity that families need and deserve. PHA has been using the Sixers Radio Network to promote the agencys Quality of Life initiative. Greene said after seeing what a great time the kids had, well certainly want to arrange another clinic so that even more young people can take advantage.

About PHA

PHA is transforming public housing in the city of Philadelphia. As the nations fourth largest public housing agency serving more than 76,000 residents, PHA is the first housing authority in the U. S. designated by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) of the National Association of Realtors as an "Accredited Management Organization." This designation is awarded to firms engaged in property management that have met IREMs high standards in the areas of education, experience, integrity and financial stability.

World B. Free showing kids defense.

All the children who participated in the program, the coaches, and Carl Greene.

Sonny Hill emphasizes strategy.

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Carl R. Greene thanking parents for allowing their children to participate.