Senior Only Developments

The Philadelphia Housing Authority is sensitive to the needs of its older residents. PHA has designated several senior citizens only developments for residents age 55 and older. These sites allow seniors to enjoy a community with people their own age who may share similar interests. These communities also allow seniors to be isolated from the stresses that may accompany living around children and young adults.

The chart below contains information related to every senior development in the PHA housing system.

  • Developments marked with a wheelchair symbol have units with accessible features.
  • Developments marked with LP are tax credit sites managed by PHA's partner, PAPMC.
  • Sites marked with AME are Alternatively Managed Entities. They are privately managed and have their own waitlists. To apply for these sites, please contact their offices directly.
Name Office Phone
Angela Court   4400 Fairmount Avenue, 19104 215-222-7000
Bentley Hall 1710 Croskey St., 19121 215-684-4656
Cassie L. Holley Court   2500 Jackson Street, 19145 215-684-4808
Collegeview 1710 N. Croskey St., 19121 215-684-4656
Emlen Arms   6733 Emlen St., 19119 215-684-5893
Germantown House   5457 Wayne Ave., 19144 215-684-4400
Gladys B. Jacobs Manor   1100 Fairmount Ave., 19123 215-684-2325
Holmecrest Homes 8133 Erdrick Pl., 19136 215-684-5938
Katie B. Jackson Plaza 400 N. 50th St., 19139 215-684-5560
Mount Olivet   642 N. 41st St., 19104 215-684-8035
Nellie Reynolds Gardens   2653 W. Glenwood Ave., 19121 215-684-8125
Neumann North   1741 Frankford Ave., 19125 215-739-8306
Parkview   1710 N. Croskey St., 19121 215-684-4656
Plymouth Hall   2201-7 W. Venango St, 19140 215-684-2300
St. Anthony's   2309-33 Carpenter St., 19146 215-985-0555