Family and Senior Developments

Family properties with senior-only buildings allow seniors to enjoy the best of both worlds. Seniors not only enjoy the benefits of living among those of their own age group, but they are also able to enjoy the youthful energy displayed by young people of the family units. Families are also given the opportunity to access the rich history that seniors hold. PHA has provided a win-win situation for both seniors and families alike with these properties.

The chart below contains information related to every family and senior development in the PHA housing system.
  • Developments marked with a wheelchair symbol have units with accessible features.
  • Developments marked with LP are tax credit sites managed by PHA's partner, PAPMC.
  • Sites marked with AME are Alternatively Managed Entities. They are privately managed and have their own waitlists. To apply for these sites, please contact their offices directly.
Name Office Phone
GGFE   3001 W. Moore St., 19145 215-684-7088
Morton Homes 5920 Morton Street, 19144 215-684-5885
Norman Blumberg Apts.   2311 W. Jefferson St., 19121 215-684-5550
Suffolk Manor 1416-24 Clearview St., 19141 215-684-2222
Warnock Village   2862 Germantown Ave., 19133 215-684-3000
Wilson Park   2500 Jackson St., 19145 215-684-4808