What is a Recertification?

A recertification is a review of a household's income and composition. PHA is required to monitor each household's income and composition over time, and to adjust the household's rent accordingly.

When is my Recertification?

PHA requires recertifications for voucher holders every two (2) years unless you are an Elderly or Disabled household on a fixed income who are recertified every (3) years).

What will happen at my Recertification?

       PHA will verify the following information:

  • Your income
  • The income of all of your household members
  • Any changes to your family composition
  • Your assets
  • Your expenses

What is required for my Recertification?

Any documents used for verification must be dated within 60 calendar days of the date you submit them to PHA. The documents must not be damaged, altered or in any way illegible. 

Below are Required Document Guides to assist you with submitting the proper documents to PHA for your recertification:

Required Documents for Income Verification

Income and Benefit Verification Guide

Required Documents for Asset Verification

Required Documents for Expenses


What PHA forms are required to complete my Recertification? 

PHA will send you an Application for Continued Occupancy (ACO) which must be reviewed and signed by all household members 18 years of age or older.   If you have misplaced your ACO contact your PHA representative at 215-684-4300 or via email at


Other forms needed to complete your recertification can be found below:

PHA Authorization of Release  form

HUD 9886 Release of Information form

Self-Certification of Zero Income

Financial Hardship Worksheet form


If any household members 18 years of age and older claim to have zero income a Financial Hardship Worksheet must be completed.


What if I have a change in Family Composition to report to PHA?

Click here to review the Required Documents for change of family composition


New Household Members Requiring Approval

With the exception of children who join the household as a result of birth, adoption, or court-awarded custody, a tenant must request PHA approval to add a new family member or other household member (spouse, inter-dependent relationship partner, live-in aide or foster child). This includes any person not on the lease who is expected to stay in the unit for more than 30 consecutive days, or 90 cumulative days, within a twelve month period, and therefore no longer qualifies as a "guest." Requests must be made in writing and approved by PHA prior to the individual moving in the unit.

To request New Household Members you must complete an Addition to Household request form. 

All new household members must complete (or if under 18 years of age, have completed for them) a Declaration of Citizenship form.

All new household members 18 years of age or older must also complete the:

PHA Authorization of Release  form

HUD 9886 Release of Information  form

Debts Owed to PHA and Terminations form

If the new household member(s) is under (6) six-years old a Family Notification of Lead Based Paint  form must be completed on their behalf.

Departure of a Household Member

If a household member ceases to reside in the unit, the tenant must inform PHA within 30 calendar days. This requirement also applies to a household member who has been considered temporarily absent at the point that the household concludes the individual is permanently absent.

To request the removal of a household member you must complete a Removal from Household request  form. You must also provide documentation to support this request.

This request cannot be processed until all necessary forms have been completed and all required documentation has been provided.

What if I have any other questions about my recertification?

If you have any questions about your recertification you can contact us at 215-684-4300 or via email at