Solicitation Number P-004908 – Entry Level Construction Job Training -- Proposals are due no later than 11:00 a.m., September 19, 2019
Statement of Work Summary:

The Philadelphia Housing Authority ("PHA") seeks a qualified community partner to provide entry level construction job training and career placement to PHA's residents ages 18-26. These services may include but are not limited to those described in the Scope of Work.

A more detailed scope of services is contained in the solicitation package.  


Solicitation Number P-004908 and Addendum #1

Date of Issue:

August 27, 2019 

Bid Due:

11:00 a.m.,  Thursday, September 19, 2019

Proposals received after this date and time will be considered late and will not be considered for award. All proposals must be submitted with one (1) original and  five (5) copies, including the required proposal forms, as well as an electronic copy (on one or more CDs) in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and/or Portable Document Format (PDF) format.

Solicitation Availability:

A hardcopy may be requested with a 24 hour notice and may be picked up at the following address: PHA - Sourcing Department, 2013 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19121. The fee for a hardcopy of the entire solicitation document is $35.00 payable by check or money order to the Philadelphia Housing Authority.  For overnight USPS Express Mail, an additional $16.00 will be applied.


For an electronic copy of the solicitation package or any other query relative to this solicitation, send an email request to or you can download a copy of the solicitation by following the link above.

Additional Information:

There could be upcoming information regarding a pre-bid conference which would be posted on the site in the near future should one be held.  Please periodically check back for the announced day and time if held. 


Addendum information will also be posted to the site.  If an addendum is posted, it will be referenced in the section of the advertisement citing the number so it is imperative that potential bidders periodically check the site.


Addemdum 1 has been incorporation to solicitation.