Office of Strategic Partnership

The mission of the Office of Strategic Partnership is to cultivate partnerships and secure resources to implement construction, services and strategic programs that result in improved quality of life for PHA residents and surrounding communities. The Office of Strategic Partnership comprises:

  • Partnership and Resource Development
  • Workforce Development/Customer Supportive Services
  • Elderly and Disabled Services
  • Homeownership Division

In line with OSP's mission, the Partnership and Resource Development Department (PRD) is responsible for the development of applications and proposals for public and private funding for physical and economic development, and supportive services for public housing residents.

Once applications and grants are awarded, PRD is responsible for monitoring, managing, and reporting on the implementation of the grants to ensure compliance with all award requirements. 

To date, PHA has overseen the expenditure of more than $150 million in HOPE VI grant funding, and has successfully completed 23 Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects developed by the Philadelphia Housing Authority Development Corporation (PHADC) and managed by the Philadelphia Asset & Property Management Corporation (PAPMC), private service affiliates that develop and manage PHA tax credit sites. These major developments have been leveraged with additional funding provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the City of Philadelphia, and private sources.

In addition, PRD has successfully applied for tax credits at 11 public housing sites managed by Alternatively Managed Entities (AMEs). AMEs receive public housing subsidy, but are otherwise not affiliated with the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

PHA also successfully secured funding for various programs such as the Pre-Apprenticeship Program and the G.R.E.A.T Program.

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